Espressioni idiomatiche e verbi fraseologici con ‘keep’

Idioms and phrasal verbs with keep

Keep one’s temper: remain calm

Keep something in mind: remember it

Keep hold of something: don’t let it go.

Keep one’s family in clothes: support; provide what is necessary for

You should keep from drinking and smoking.

Keep at: (cause to) work persistently at

Keep from: abstrain from; refrain from

He earns enough to keep his family in clothes. (= He earns enough to keep his family in comfort.)

In keeping with something: in harmony or agreement with something

Keep in: restrain one’s feelings etc.

Keep in with somebody: remain on good terms with somebody

Keep one’s hand in something: practise in order to retain one’s skill in something

Keep off: stay at a distance

Keep on: continue

He kept on working although he was tired.

Don’t keep on asking silly questions

Keep under: control; hold down

Keep it up: go on without slackening

Keep up appearances: behave as usual in spite of a change in circumstances

Keep up with: go on at the same rate as

Keep to oneself: avoid the society  of others

Keep something to oneself: refuse to share it

keep pace with: go at the same rate as

Keep track of: keep in touch with the progress of

For keeps: permanently (colloquial)