I verbi

Leggi le parole in neretto nelle frasi seguenti:

  • The woman went inside.
  • The boy ran very fast.
  • John finished his work.

Here the words ran, finished and went tell us something about what the
boy, John and the woman did. These are the most important words in these
sentences and are called verbs. A verb is a word which tells us what a
person or a thing is doing.

We have seen that a verb may tell us about an action. Now look at the
following sentences:

  • He is a smart boy.
  • There were five books on the table.
  • It was raining.

Here the verbs is, was and were tell us not about an action, but about a state of being or existence. Now look at these sentences:

  • I have ten dollars with me.
  • She has a beautiful necklace.

Here the verbs have and has shows possession. Thus we find that a verb may tell us about an action, a state of being or existence or possession.

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